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1 Day in Bodyland

Hand drawing and digital Animated short film, 2019

This is my first year animation project while studying in Royal college of art(2019).

Director: Qianhui Yu

Sound designer: Ross Wilkes

Voice: Harry Parsons


Story begins with a bacteria lives inside a girl's ear, who is getting sick of his horrible life and starts his journey to the outside world. However, all his beautiful fantasy about the outside world is a lie after he arrives, something horrible is waiting for him..

Inspired by an old science fiction film ‘The Incredible Shrinking Man’. I was thinking about the self-identification, everything exist for its own meaning, even a bacteria, and human is just a bacteria to the universe. Sometimes when we done something magnificent, it actually humble to another group of people, and the world still goes on turning. But no matter how small you are, you are still matter to the universe, ‘To god, there is no zero’.

In the other hand, I want to make a creative representation of microcosm and macrocosm. When the bacteria is out in the real world, he starts to realize his insignificance. We are given a view of humanity's place in the universe. The final scene is an imaginative portrait of the balance between the macrocosm and the microcosm. We are all just a bacteria to the world.

World script.png
Bacteria's fantasy (unused)
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