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2022 Research Plan

The uniqueness between traditional art

Hello, I am seeking this development opportunity because I want to build upon and develop my research in to unique aspects of folk art forms that are often overlooked both within China and internationally. In particular I want to look at Chinese Gardening art and consider ways to combine it with communication arts like illustration and animation. Part of this will involve developing skills with traditional media, especially print making and ink drawing.


My plan is to conclude my research with an exhibition and series of educational events aimed at increasing awareness of these traditional forms of folk craft and arts, and suggesting a new approach to east-Oriental aesthetics. I am hoping these aesthetics will become a cornerstone of my own practice as I continue to work with industry professionals in a range of creative commissions.



The main goal of this project is to develop my own interest on how Chinese Gardening art can be relevant to modern society, as I am worried that some cultural knowledge will die out as currently they are rarely being taken seriously. Besides, personally I decided go freelance Artist and ready to develop and improve my pathways towards careers in the creative industries. Thus I want to create a new forms of art through Oriental Gardening Art, and reaching new and existing audiences and participants.



The process of researching will involve developing a network from Traditional folk arts, gardening societies, and more. These folk arts have contemporary relevance to visual artists, and through this research project I hope to develop my own practice and to increase accessibility to these art forms, balancing contemporary creative methods with traditional cultural knowledge.

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My early development practices based on the research 

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